Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wine Features


Winemaker’s Selection, Andeluna – 2007

Mendoza, Argentina

A nose that exhibits gorgeous aromatics of dried flowers, spice, and lychee fruit. On the palate, it has a beautiful structure and acidity. A great pairing with seafood and spicy Thai cuisine.

Torrontés is the characteristic white wine grape of Argentina. The varietal is related to the Malvasia group of grapes which originated in the Eastern Mediterranean and found their way to Atlantic islands such as Madeira. It is not known how the grape arrived in Argentina, but it seems to have been there a long time, suggesting that it was brought by Spanish colonists, quite possibly missionaries.

$6.00 / glass

$24.00 / bottle

Cabernet - Pinotage

Sebeka, 2007

Western Cape, South Africa

This delicious Cabernet Pinotage blend from South Africa is a fruit forward wine with notes of blackberry and herbs accompanied by black earth, smoke and acidic undertones. This dark red wine is medium bodied with grippy tannins. A great pairing with beef or poultry dishes.

$5 / glass

$20 / bottle

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